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Danielle Niles: the PigTrip Interview

I like to tell people that along with my young bride, I also wake up with Danielle Niles. Sort of. Five mornings a week, that's a fact: the attractive and affable New England Cable News weekday meteorologist is our trusted source for accurate, no-nonsense weather reports. Several hundred weathercasts into the journey, I asked myself, "I wonder if Danielle likes barbecue." And then I figured I might as well ask her myself. So without further ado, the PigTrip interview with meteorologist Danielle Niles.





PigTrip: Are you a fan of barbecue?


Danielle Niles: I do love a mean pulled pork sandwich, but have to admit that I haven't been to a lot of BBQ restaurants across New England.  I did however make pulled pork in my crock pot just last week (how ironic!). 



PigTrip: What barbecue restaurants have you been to?


Danielle: I have been to Blue Ribbon, Silk Road BBQ in Belmont, MA and West Side Steak & BBQ in Worcester, MA.



PigTrip: Interesting choices, since they feature some very good (and very different) pulled pork sandwiches. Is that your standard order?


Danielle: You can't go wrong with a pulled pork sandwich! So yes, it's my go-to. I've had ribs, but never from a BBQ joint. That's next on the list.



PigTrip: Sauce on top or sauce on the side?


Danielle: Does anyone actually order the sauce on the side?? On top, always.




PigTrip: What are your go-to sides?


Danielle: Sweet potato fries always compliment any BBQ dish very well. And slaw. And corn bread. And mac 'n' cheese. Can you tell I love food?


PigTrip: A new barbecue restaurant called Midtown Smokehouse recently opened in Needham, not too far from the NECN studios. Do you have any intel on that one?


Danielle: I've never been but multiple coworkers have. Their feedback ranged from "it was average" to "it was amazing!". My morning Executive Producer has been several times and had nothing but praise for it. She said the foot long hot dog, fried pickles and chili were all outstanding and that prices were very reasonable. Guess I should try it out!




PigTrip: Are there any barbecue restaurants you've heard about that you're thinking of trying soon?


Danielle: I want to try Redbones in davis square, Somerville. In fact I went there with the intention of chowing down on some yummy food, but the wait was ridiculous (2 hours!). Since my belly was growling at that point I figured I should go elsewhere. Obviously it must be good, so I'll be back.




PigTrip: Is a barbecue restaurant a bad choice for a first date?


Danielle: No way! Just as long as you BOTH actually eat BBQ so your "tasty" breath cancels each other out. Just in case there's a smooch ;)




PigTrip: The site has expanded into burgers lately, so I gotta ask: favorite burger in greater Boston?


Danielle: Mmm I love burgers! Enjoyed a Biltmore Burger in Newton, MA just last night (cheese, bacon, mustard, handcut fries on the side). Conley's Pub & Grille in Watertown, MA has deliciously juicy burgers too.



PigTrip: What's the best/worst thing about being a meteorologist in New England?


Danielle: Best thing: being asked to do an interview for PigTrip of course! Honestly though, since I'm a New England native (Weymouth, MA), just being "back at home" on TV, forecasting for a region that has every type of weather imaginable is a dream come true! Worst thing: When people blame the "bad" weather on me. Getting up at 2:00AM isn't all that pleasant either.




PigTrip: Other than holding off the ribs, what's your secret for staying in shape?


Danielle: A wicked fast metabolism! Seriously. I'm sure it'll slow down someday, but until then... I'm eating whatever I want :) I do work out too - a few times a week, and this will be my 4th year biking in the Pan-Mass Challenge.



PigTrip: You've done an excellent job holding off the cold weather, but when it hits us, what's your cold weather comfort food?


Danielle: There's nothing like a bowl of homemade soup on a chilly winter day! Typically I enjoy classic chicken noodle, but my latest fave is white bean, sausage and escarole. Warms the soul.



Danielle's weathercasts can be seen Monday through Friday mornings on New England Cable News, and streamed on their website.


The New England Cable News website

The New England Cable News Weather page

Meteorologist Danielle Niles Facebook page







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