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Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11237
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Brooklyn BBQ: First Look at Arrogant Swine

Starting as a series of pop-ups in the summer of 2013, Arrogant Swine brought Carolina style whole hog barbecue to New York City five seasons later as a brick and mortar enterprise. Owner/pitmaster Tyson Ho has built quite the space, with much emphasis on the bar and the street art. Outdoor picnic tables galore have heaters to make outdoor dining an option even in winter.


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Tyson Ho tending bar.


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Chalkboard menu lists the offerings.


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Wings and sausage didn't exactly get things off to a roaring start. The former were undercooked, undertender, overseasoned and over-rubbery. Among the worst I've had.


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Sausage was more like bland bologna.


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But just as you don't go to IHOP for the steak, you don't go to a Carolina barbecue joint for wings and sausage, even if they're on the menu. (There's a reason I did, but I won't get into that now.) Things picked up with round 2: hog plate with cole slaw, cornbread waffle (that's how it comes) and an add-on of three pork ribs.


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The ribs brought volume, crust, juiciness and a non-mainstream flavor with the slightly sweet mustard glaze. Reasonably fresh.


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First and foremost, Arrogant Swine is about this boat of meat right here: hog from various parts of the animal, very lightly sauced with thin vinegar and topped with crunchy cracklins. Silky, hoggy, smoked just enough and no more, sauced just enough and no more, moist even under the sauce. This is all about the pork. Potato rolls are available instead of the cornbread waffle (which didn't work for me); I'd go with that option next time.




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The Outlook


My first visit was a mixed bag, but the weaker items weren't what they're known for. The pork items were quite good and the concept overall is promising. There'll be more visits ahead.




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