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49 Boylston Street

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Six Tips for Optimizing Your First Visit to Shake Shack Chestnut Hill



1. Go ShackBurger first.

It's their signature burger, with their signature Shack sauce and signature beef patty, in all the right ratios and with all the right meltage, so that's what your first Shake Shack bite oughtta be. Trust me, there'll be plenty of time for experimentation on Shake Shack burgers 2 through 102.


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2. Skip the fries.

They're cooked perfectly to bear a crunchy exterior and a fluffy interior, but they're basically a skinless, frozen crinklecut type that you can get elsewhere (think boardwalk). Instead save room for a custard or a second burger.




3. Double up.

That can mean two different burgers (why get two of the same, especially on your first visit) or it can mean upgrading to the Double ShackBurger, which has even better ratios and is a good burger for splitting. I'd rather have half of a Double ShackBurger than a whole ShackBurger. Is that violating tip #1? Not really. But the real reason for doubling up is the line, which you'll only want to wait in once.


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4. Forget the bacon.

Blasphemy? Maybe so, but at Shake Shack, bacon's superfluous, and for a few reasons. First, the patty has enough flavor in what I've called the most sophisticated beef blend in a $5-and-under burger. This is a proprietary blend from Pat LaFrieda, a rock star meat supplier, and not your daddy's day old frozen ground chuck. Second, there's enough juiciness, even in a medium-well burger, from the brisket in that blend, so there's no cheating required (if bacon is cheating) to achieve that juiciness. Third, Shake Shack understands the importance of salting the burger, so there's no need to use bacon to cheat in that regard either. Fourth, the bacon at Shake Shack is only just okay—not on a par with the beef, bun and other toppings.




5. Don't forget the custard.

If you're going to have one burger and one other item, custard's the way to go. If the burger isn't your daddy's beef blend, the custard isn't yo' mama's soft serve. This is richer and smoother, closer to gelato. The flavor of the day is usually something creative (peanut butter and jelly, salted caramel, maple bacon banana, root beer freeze, Fluffernutter, Shiraz pear).


And if you're just getting dairy—whether shakes, custards or concretes (custard blended with mix-ins)—you can skip the burger line altogether and go straight to the front. Yes, really.





6. Remember, it is what it is.

Shake Shack is an over-the-counter burger, so don't try to compare it to Craigie On Main. But chances are, Shake Shack will be the best over-the-counter burger you've ever had.





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The Madison Park original in NYC.


Midtown NYC's Shake Shack on 8th Avenue at 44th.


Westport CT was Shake Shack's first restaurant in New England.


New Haven was the second.


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The ShackBurger cross section. Peanut butter and jelly custard.

Heat lamps are another, and they're use to warm not the burgers but the customers at Madison Park.


The buzzer that causes Pavlovian responses.


Pat LaFrieda truck near the theater District Shake Shack.


Neon sign in New Haven interior.


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