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Third Street Parking Lot
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The Joint


BBQ Guy Truck is a mobile barbecue operation that sets up in the Third Street Parking lot Thursday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. It's easy to spot the vehicle with its large "BBQ" lettering; once you get close you'll also see and smell the smoker on the trailer. It's primarily geared for takeout, as there are no picnic tables or even stone walls to sit on nearby. For those who don't throw a hissy fit when taking takeout to Dunkin Donuts—and a simple beverage purchase should be enough of a win-win that there should be no guilt—there's one right across the train tracks.




The Menu


By food truck standards, the BBQ Guy menu is fairly extensive: baby back ribs (half rack a la carte or full rack with sides), pulled pork and brisket (sandwiches with or without sides), grilled chicken fingers and the occasional special.



The Visit


I stopped by solo for a Saturday lunch, arriving to find smoke slowly billowing from the trailer smoker and a couple of regulars already waiting for their order.






The Meats



Pulled Pork Sandwich: A lengthy hoagie roll is the unlikely but value-added vessel for the pulled pork sandwich ($10 with two sides). The pork isn't quite packed, but there's enough of it that each half could almost be considered a small sandwich, allowing splitting to save room to try more of the menu. At first glance, the bark level impressed me but it looked dry. As it turned out, the pork wasn't technically dry, thanks to a good coating of a thin, tart, slightly peppery vinegar sauce. I say "technically" because the meat itself still felt dry, with a bit of stiffness that suggested it was made the day before. Combined with the sauce and soft, fresh roll, the sandwich worked just well enough to keep going. Flavor's a plus if you like smoky; the smoke component here was as strong as it gets without drifting into harsh.

Ribs: A half rack of babybacks ($12 a la carte) supplied seven extra plump unsauced ribs that exhibited good juiciness—beads trickled down the cross sections before I even took a bite. The surfaces had a profusion of rub, but not even an iota of crispness. Instead, what was once a crust was now a slushy, sludgy, ashy mess; the first bite confirmed it. That first bite pulled off a clean hunk of meat that came easily off the bone without falling too easily. Doneness was ideal and tenderness was fine. Along with the juicy came a very steamy quality, as if the ribs were reheated in a microwave, but I'm guessing the holding chamber (first suspect) and/or the closed styrofoam container (second suspect) were more the cause. Smokiness was very strong; ditto the rub that had an elevated heat component. These flavors came alive at the surface but dissipated further down to the bone, where the meat was more bland. Ultimately, the steamy overall texture and especially the sludgy surface made these ribs not so palatable, but I can imagine them being much more doable after a few minutes under foil in a toaster oven to crisp them up.


The Sauces


There's no station with various sauces, nor were any sauces supplied or offered. I didn't specify sauce or no sauce, instead letting BBQ Guy do it however he does it. The ribs came with no sauce and the pork came with a vinegar sauce.





The Sides

Cole slaw: If this wasn't store-bought, it was the closest approximation possible: creamy, semi- crisp, sweet, mild, predictable.

Baked beans: Well worn beans in a thick sludge of faint sweetness had a few scatterings of the tiny meat crumbles.




The Bottom Line


I see some potential. If I lived in the area, I might get occasional takeout from BBQ Guy Truck and make a few modifications at home, but without seating, shade, ideal moistness, ideal texture or sauce, a return visit is unlikely.





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Parked at the Third Street Parking Lot. No shade or seating.


Smoker in full view and in operation.


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Pulled pork sandwich on a hoagie roll.


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Pulled pork sandwich.


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A half rack of babyback ribs.











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