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BBQ Town (closed)

4000 Washington Street

Roslindale, MA 02131

(617) 522-1010


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BBQ Town in Roslindale is a counter service joint featuring sandwiches, salads and barbecue. When you see the deli style display cases, you wonder whether the barbecue is the main event or only a sideline. But despite the Greek pizza house vibe, all of the usual barbecue items are on the menu, and the array of displayed salads and sides looked pretty good. There are several tables and chairs scattered around the single large room. There isn't a bar; alcoholic drinks are not available. BBQ Town's small parking lot is a welcome rarity in an urban area.


I ordered a combo of ribs and pulled pork, with collards and cole slaw. Within minutes it was ready, served on a tray with real plates. The ribs were fairly large, finished on high heat to produce a char on the outside. The sauce was tangy and slightly sweet, possibly a commercial sauce but not bad (I liked the vinegar kick). Inside the ribs were juicy and tender, with no smoke ring and a natural flavor. The ribs didn’t seem smoked, but were still very serviceable with good flavor. The pulled pork was tender and in good sized pieces, a little too sweet, definitely not old tasting.


The side of collard greens were excellent (big leaves, not mushy) and had a lot of pork in it. The cole slaw was thinly sliced and very crisp, with very little dressing and not a lot of flavor. The meal included no cornbread.


Sevice was fairly friendly.


I made a follow-up visit a few months later and got just ribs. Again OK, though not what I'd call real barbecue.


The bottom line: A decent if unspectacular meal. It’s not real barbecue and it's nowhere near my top 20, but definitely not a disaster like a lot of the pretenders have been.


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BBQ Town welcomes you with its friendly pig and free parking


An impressive showcase and plenty of BBQ items on the menu


Ribs, pulled pork, slaw and some pretty good collard greens


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