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CT's Bar-B-Que

920 Hamilton Street

Somerset, NJ 08873

(732) 418-8889


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The owner and pitmaster is an Alabama native who moved to New Jersey and started out selling barbecue out of a cart. Now he operates out of a no-frills room with 12 tables, buried in a strip mall somewhere between Newark and Trenton. CT’s has counter and table service and a BYOB option. They’re open at 6 AM, serving breakfast.


I ordered a 2-meat combo plate with ribs and pulled pork, collard greens and Cole slaw. The ribs were small and soaked in sauce, but once I got past the sauce, I discovered that the meat was pink and smoky, with a good flavor. Too bad the crust was softened by the overload of tomato-based sauce. Pulled pork was smoky and tender, also topped with the same sauce. I wish it had some vinegar in there, but it was pretty good.


The cole slaw was a lot like the Colonel’s, only a more home-made version. Collard greens had a wonderful meat flavor, but had no meat. Cornbread was average.


The bottom line: you probably won’t be wowed here, but you probably won't be disappointed either. This is authentic, slightly-better-than-average barbecue, served by one of the nicest guys you’ll meet on the barbecue circuit.

CT's is all the way around the back.


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The ribs and pulled pork combo.



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