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Cherrywoods Barbeque (CLOSED)

124 Washington Street (Route 53)

Norwell, MA, 02061

(781) 878-7850

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(11/18/05) (06/04/06)


This BBQ/Cajun sit-down restaurant proudly displays its portable smoker in front of the building. Inside, model ships are perched atop a fancy showcase for hot sauces, with framed shrimp labels on the walls. A menu board hangs behind a rarely-used take-out counter, and off to the side is a huge revolving display for pies and other desserts. The menu reads as if barbecue is sort of an afterthought here, with seafood and Cajun dishes the main emphasis. Maybe the current popularity of barbecue and its inherent catering potential is keeping the Cajun side afloat.


Barbecue meats include babyback ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken. There are no St Louis ribs. On a Sunday night visit with my wife, I tried the brisket chili and a combination that included both ribs and pulled pork. The chili had good flavor, a lot of beans, and not a lot of meat, and the meat that was there was ground. The pork ribs were small, tough and dry, with a slightly smoky flavor but no smoke ring. Beef ribs were also very tough, with a few pockets of tender pink meat here and there, but they seemed to be cooked on high heat. I couldn’t taste any of the Cajun dry rub on the beef that was promised in the menu description. Pulled pork was perfectly tender, slightly smoky, and moistened with a mild brown sauce.


Cole slaw was light and crisp; collard greens had a nice dark undercurrent and lots of garlic; baked beans tasted like your typical canned variety. My wife’s crawfish tails and Cajun seafood were pretty good. On a previous lunch visit, I just ordered babybacks and found them meatier but not smoky. Cornbread had jalapeños in it but was very stiff and old tasting.


The bottom line: A mixed bag, with the strengths being the peripheral items, not the barbecue. I’d go back for the Cajun dishes, but for barbecue, there are better options on the South Shore.

Nice rig outside shows promise.


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Pulled pork looks tender; the ribs, not so tender.



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