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The Disclaimers


1. While this may or may not be a review, I don't plan on reviewing chains.

2. This isn't barbecue, and neither I nor they are claiming it is.

3. Fall-off-the-bone is not a doneness I endorse.

4. I didn't choose to eat here and never would.

5. Dining there not of my own choosing, I chose something of interest.







The Deal


Now that we have that out of the way, I'll say that the national chain Fridays recently introduced the concept of the "Rib Flight Trio," where you can choose three different "handcrafted varieties" of "slow-cooked" babyback ribs (from the five available), 3-bones each (according to the server), with fries, cole slaw and dipping sauce for $10. Click on the photo below for an enlarged version that 'splains everything.


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The Ribs


Bacon Crusted: The promised three bones turned out to be two bones plus a shiner that wasn't even connected. While I was expecting a crumble similar to Bac-Os or even something closer to a powder, the bacon turned out to be real, soft, steamy slivers nearly fingernail size. Surprisingly, none of them had fat that needed to be discarded. Unfortunately, there was no cling factor, so only gravity kept (some of) them on the rib, so ultimately the bacon and the rib never became one. Underneath, the meat was pretty much what I expected: overcooked and simultaneously dry and steamy.



Chipotle: Here, not even a pretense of a third bone; only two. Wet outside but basically dry. Liquid smoke flavor in the generic dark sweet sauce. Handcrafted, my ass.



Memphis: Three bones with two bones worth of meat. These had the most seasoning—a balanced mix of brown sugar, salt and spices with faint heat—and were actually semi enjoyable even though slightly dry (the least dry of the three).







The Other Stuff


Fries droopy and in short supply. Ginger-Lime slaw surprisingly tasty.









1. Read "Disclaimer."

2. Repeat.







The Bottom Line


If you find yourself in a similar situation, go for the Memphis. But if your fate is in your own hands, keep your hands on the wheel and keep driving.


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The sign on the table.


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Left to right: Bacon Crusted, Chipotle, Sweet Memphis.


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Aerial view: Bacon Crusted, Chipotle, Sweet Memphis.


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A closer look at the Bacon Crusted.

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A closer look at the Sweet Memphis.


The wetnap that will strip me of my food nerd stripes.


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