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22 Ninth Avenue (at 13th Street)

New York, NY 10014

(212) 604-0092

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This joint in New York’s meat packing district has an awful lot of character. The bold logo of a boar on the outside is duplicated by a series of mounted boar heads inside. There’s a well worn bar and more worn natural wood floors. In the summer, the heat inside can be sweltering, but it sure makes the beer all that much better.


Surprisingly, ribs and pulled pork are the only BBQ items on the Hog Pit BBQ menu, which features fried chicken, chicken-fried steak and meatloaf. They have fried pickles, chili, and an impressive list of side dishes that may be unmatched in the city for its breadth.


My server graciously substituted pulled pork for me on the chicken and ribs combo. For my two sides I tried collard greens and the cabbage with bacon (I’m a sucker for any side that has bacon).


My plate arrived with four huge mounds of food. The ribs were falling-off-the-bone tender and then some, with one of the bones already separated from its meat by the time the plate hit the table. I pulled a piece of the grey meat from under all that sauce to taste. As I feared, it had that boiled-and-broiled texture. The ribs didn’t have much flavor and the neutral sauce didn’t really help. The pork wasn’t much better, just a mushy pile of mashed meat, with no discernable bark.


The sides, I have to say, were excellent. The cabbage was crisp and well lubricated with the juices from the ample bacon. The collard greens were dark, well flavored leaves cooked just to the point of wilting. If I could do it all over again I’d get their fried pickles and 3 sides and call it a meal, but this is a site about barbecue, not sides.


The bottom line: this dive is a refreshing counterpoint to some of the more corporate places in the city; it’s too bad the barbecue itself doesn’t have the same amount of character.



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A promising exterior. Love the logo.


The antithesis of the pristine corporate look.


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Ribs, pulled pork, collards and the stellar cabbage.


Another view of the meat.




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