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Memphis Roadhouse (CLOSED)

383 Washington Street (Route 1)

South Attleboro, MA 02703

(508) 761-5700




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(01/29/06) (05/21/06)


Memphis Roadhouse on Route 1 in South Attleboro has a Southern farmhouse look with front porch loungers outside and plenty of neon inside. A butcher case proudly displays the quality meat in its raw state, while their open kitchen lets you observe the meats being cooked. The dark dining room is decorated with the typical BBQ memorabilia. A separate bar area has stools, high-tops and tables, along with 4 TV sets. In the summer months, Memphis Roadhouse has an ice cream stand accessible via separate rear entrance.


St Louis ribs are available wet or dry; I opted for a 1/2 rack of each, as I had done previously. This time, there wasn't that much difference between the two preparations, as the wet ribs weren't overloaded with sauce and the dry ribs seemed like they might have been basted with sauce earlier in the process. Both types had a very thick crust and a pink smoke ring from hours of slow smoking. Both had very tender, juicy meat that pulled easily off the bone. The meat had a great flavor. Neither the spice on the dry ribs nor the sauce on the wet ribs overshadowed the natural pork flavor of the meat. There were areas that were somewhat fatty, but they could easily be separated and discarded.


Cole slaw and cornbread were competent but nothing special. The beans were excellent: firm with a nice flavor that was an artful blend of sweet and smoky. There were two sauces served in heated plastic squeeze bottles, one a sweet sauce, the other a vinegar sauce. The heated bottles were a nice touch; the sweet sauce had the perfect consistency, avoiding being too ketchupy or too runny. Both had a good flavor, although both ribs were damn good without sauce.


On a follow-up visit, I tried ribs and pulled pork. The ribs were again very good, but had more bark and not a lot of meat underneath. The pulled pork was just OK; it had the texture of rare steak. Cornbread was much better, served fresh and piping hot.


The bottom line: excellent ribs that would satisfy those who like 'em sweet and those who like 'em natural. My wife's steak was one of the best she's ever had in this price range ($14 for 14 oz, with salad and sides included). Very generous wine pours. Not only would I go back in a heartbeat, I'd make a special trip.


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Memphis Roadhouse - neon oustide


Memphis Roadhouse - neon inside, plus the meat case


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Ribs, wet (right) and dry (left), along with slaw and some of the smokiest beans around.


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Appetizer combo.


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Ribs and pulled pork.


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Ribs wet and dry.


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