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46 Mechanic Street

Leominster, MA 01453

(978) 534-1227

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Not too far off Route 2 about an hour west of Boston, Mojo's shares a 2-unit strip "mall" on Mechanic Street with a Chinese restaurant. Mojo's is a counter-service and take-out joint with a few tables and a TV. The place is pretty basic, with no bar or alcohol served.


The menu includes all of the usual barbecue meats, plus burgers, haddock and shrimp. St Louis and babyback ribs are available; beef is chopped. "Mambo Combo" plates made it easy to order my favorite first-try meal of ribs and pulled pork, with cole slaw and collard greens. I was pleased to see the collards on the menu, as these weren't listed online.


The generous combo arrived in a few minutes, with a fairly meaty half rack of St Louis ribs dominating the plate. These were slathered in a sweet and tangy sauce both before and after grilling. Under all the sauce, the charred meat had a smoky flavor with a good kick in the seasoning. The flavor was OK, though a little salty. These ribs didn't seem all that fresh or tender, even on a night visit. Very hard to separate using a cheap plastic fork.


Pulled pork was nice and stringy, somewhat tender, but overloaded with the same dark brown sauce used on the ribs. Unlike the ribs, the meat was hard to taste under all that sauce. There was more of the same sauce at the condiment stand and 3 different Tabasco sauces (original, green, chipotle) on the tables. The pulled pork had potential, and might have been much better with a vinegar sauce.


Cole slaw looked and tasted store bought, heavy on Mayo and light on flavor. Full flavored collard greens were huge uncut leaves in vinegar. Cornbread arrived warm and had a nice corn texture, but a weird flavor, as if stored in a fridge with onions or something.


The bottom line: Clearly not the greatest barbecue meal, but not horrible. I'm not a fan of the grilled-with-sauce type of rib, but even so, I didn't think Mojo's is in the class of, say, Big Frank's (Waterbury, CT), Firefly's (Marlborough, MA), Uncle Pete's (Revere, MA), Q Barbeque (Port Chester, NY), or Barnstormer BBQ (Newburgh, NY), who do that style much better. I'd probably go there often if I lived in Leominster, but this isn't destination barbecue.


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A storefront near Route 2.



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Pork ribs, pulled pork and collard greens.









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