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94 Washington Street (Route 1)

Foxboro, MA 02035

(508) 543-9111

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I tried this Foxboro BBQ joint's lunch buffet two years ago and it was OK, so I was curious to see if their night menu was better and if the ribs (not available on the buffet) were any good. On the outside, this joint near Gillette Stadium on Route 1 looks like something the three little pigs might have hastily constructed. Inside it has the look of a converted basement, with low ceilings and lots of sports related posters and neon signs. It has a small bar area with a large TV and a dining area with mismatched office chairs. A complimentary order of hush puppies upon being seated was a pleasant surprise.


I started with a cup of chili, topped with cheese that never quite melted. It was pretty good, nothing special. I was hoping the meat would be brisket, since they have brisket on the menu, but it was ground beef.


There's one kind of rib here, a St Louis cut, though not identified as such on the menu. For an entree I tried a combination of ribs and pulled pork. It comes with beans, cole slaw and 1 side; they don't do collard greens so I tried fries. The 3 ribs were very tender, had a nice crust and were lacquered with a sweet dark brown sauce that had some char. The meat itself was moist and pulled right off the bone, but didn't have much flavor. It had a hint of pink but I'm not sure it was smoked. The pulled pork definitely was smoked, with nice pieces from various parts of the shoulder, lots of bark and a good pork flavor. Pretty salty though. This came with two barbecue sauce containers, one the same sauce as on the ribs, the other a vinegar "Pig Sauce" that had lots of flavor, with plenty of finely chopped red peppers and even more salt.


Cole slaw was dry and flavorless. Beans were pretty good, with a nice mix of onion, but tasted too much like the kind you get from a can. Fries tasted like the frozen type with that tater tot crunch.


The bottom line: Service was excellent and the value was there, but the barbecue items were just OK. My wife loved their crawfish, and she knows crawfish. It's a good choice before or after a New England Patriots game, but I'd sooner drive the extra 15 miles to Memphis Roadhouse (South Attleboro, now closed), Chili Head BBQ (West Bridgewater) or Spitfires BBQ (Canton, now closed).


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Right near Gillette Stadium, Outlaw has a Patriots theme.



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Ribs and pulled pork combo.




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