BBQ Review

R.U.B. Hut

307 North Main Street

Manville, NJ

(908) 203-8003

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This suburban New Jersey BBQ joint somewhere between Newark and Trenton is a sit-down restaurant offering southwestern and BBQ. The color scheme is very southwestern, with lots of pastels. There are a dozen tables, an open kitchen and no takeout counter.


Complimentary chips and salsa were good. I liked the fact that the ribs here can be prepared four ways, depending on whether you want saucing and/or grilling. I didn't like the fact that the grilled-only ribs I ordered came loaded with sauce. I also didn't like the thin cut of meat and its tough, rubbery texture. The meat seemed smoked, just not smoked long enough. It also seemed to be an inferior cut of meat. Pulled pork wasn't bad.


The regular and southwestern sauces tasted processed.


My sides were excellent: vinegar slaw made with apples (very interesting) and grilled vegetables.


Service was unnecessarily slow. There were long waits (at least 10 minutes each) to get someone to take my order and for my server to bring the check.


The bottom line: this place seems ambitious, and they succeed in spots, but for the most part, RUB Hut isn't as good as they think they are.



Looks like a fun place.


Pastel colors and Mexican theme.


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Ribs and pulled pork. Vegetables were the standout though.


Another look at the ribs.




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