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Redneck's BBQ

140 Brighton Avenue

Allston, MA 02134

(617) 782-5775

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(05/16/05) (04/23/06)


Located just a few doors down from Sunset Café in Allston, Redneck’s BBQ (formerly Riley's Roast Beef) is unusual in that they don’t have any pork ribs on the menu.


Neon signs on the windows promising pulled pork and other delights make Redneck's attractive to pedestrian traffic at the intersection of Harvard and Brighton Avenues. Inside, the beat up booths strewn in unusual angles make it look like it had just been used to film a barroom brawl. Funny, since they don't serve beer here (the second floor neon beer signs apparently belong to a pool room, not Redneck's) and the place was empty around 2:00 PM on a Sunday.


On my first visit, the owner was more interested in talking on the cell phone than waiting on anyone, and the pulled pork I settled on had a disgusting Pepto Bismol color and an even more foul taste. After 2 bites, I threw it out. (I asked for some BBQ sauce on the side and I got Ken's steakhouse prepackaged sauce.)


Follow-up: There are those who say reviewing barbecue makes me a glutton. Little do they know that it makes me a glutton for punishment, as not every joint is a winner, and many aren't even close. Nearly a year after visiting Redneck's for the first time, I went back for another pulled pork sandwich, more out of curiosity and duty (I had to get a photograph for the site) than any desire to taste it again.


The menu looks like any Greek pizza joint, so barbecue is now either an afterthought or being phased out. No ribs on the menu, no pulled pork on the menu. Because of the pulled pork neon sign outside, I asked for and got a pulled pork sandwich. Although it was 100% better than what I got last time, it was still pretty lame. Oversauced (brown this time) and under-meated, not the least bit smoky and ground so fine it looked like baby food, this pulled pork was not very good. I managed four bites and, even though it wasn't as foul tasting as last time, I had to throw the rest out.


The bottom line: absolutely the worst excuse for a BBQ place I've ever encountered.


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Neon signs promise BBQ pulled pork.


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