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Ribs & Company

1383 Atwood Avenue

Johnston, RI 02919

(401) 944-5432

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A big family restaurant a few miles west of Providence, Ribs and Company has the look of a Howard Johnson's or a cheap Las Vegas dining room. There's a big bar and a large dining area loaded with brass accents. I found it odd that a restaurant whose subtitle is "A Place for Ribs" would only have babybacks.


My half rack of babybacks arrived with minimal sauce on them, and a syrup dispenser full of sauce that I could add at the table. The ribs were not that meaty, but fairly tender and juicy at the bone. There was no evidence of smoke, although there was plenty of charred crust from high heat and burned sauce. There wasn't much flavor in the meat, but the sauce in the dispenser was pretty good, a nice blend between sweet and pungent, with a good kick from vinegar.


The sides were good, though: an onion loaf was a crisp, flavorful mound of thin slices; the cole slaw crispy and flavorful without sugar or mayo overload; the superb cornbread had a real corn flavor and texture and was very fresh.


The bottom line: sub par ribs with good sides that weren't good enough to warrant a return trip.


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Ribs and Company's exterior.


Looks like a Holiday Inn.


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Ribs (ehh) and rings (yeah).


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Ribs - a closer look.



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