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Sausage Heaven (CLOSED)

21 West Auburn Street (enter at Canal Street)

Manchester, NH 03101

(603) 606-6657

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NOTE: This joint is closed.

(12/29/06) (02/16/07)

Just before the new year (2007), I arrived at Sausage Heaven just a little too late to get one of their BBQ hot lunch plates. In February, I made sure to arrive right before noon, but found that they're no longer offering ribs and pulled pork for their hot lunches (though you can still buy smoked meats cold for home heating). The good news is the sausages are as good as ever.


You can get cooked hot or sweet Italian sausages on a bun (Tuesday through Friday, lunch only), but the real reason to go to Sausage Heaven is the vast array of sausages available for home cooking. The list of varieties reads like a sausage version of Baskin Robbins: cheddar garlic, jalapeño, bell pepper & scallion, apple maple, tomato basil, lamb with apricot, lamb with fennel, chicken Marsala mushroom, chicken cilantro lime, Irish style bangers, Greek Lukanika, chorizo chipotle and many more. They also have smoked cheeses.


The sausages here are lighter and more refined than the kind you'd find at the ballpark. I could easily see them being served at an upscale restaurant, with a nice glass of wine. No matter what you drink with them, these sausages are very good. My favorites were the jalapeño and the lamb with fennel.


Although their website announces their upcoming grand opening (of the website), the store is very much open at 33 Elm Street in Manchester.

The bottom line: Sausage Heaven no longer serves weekday barbecue lunches. Both the availability and serving times for prepared sausages are limited, but if you're looking for something to bring back home and heat yourself, the sausages here are phenomenal.


Lunch was served on weekdays, but now it's a retail sausage store.



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Sausage with peppers on a roll.



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Raw sausage selection is extensive.



Three varieties I cooked uplater that night. The jalapeño (longest) was my favorite.



Cooked sausages: tomato basil, jalapeño and chicken with scallion.




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