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Sit 'n Bull Pub (CLOSED)

163 Main Street

Maynard, MA 01754

(978) 897-4663

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A co-worker and I met up after work to check out the Sit'n Bull Pub, located across from the old Digital building in Maynard, MA. The Sit' n Bull is an old joint that's most famous for hosting local bands, like Beatle Juice and the Stompers (my favorite Boston band from my college days). The floors are worn and the place looks lived-in. They have a good-sized bar and one pool table in the back. Sit 'n Bull attracts a biker crowd, which is fine by me, but some suburban types may feel out of sorts.


The barbecue menu has the basics (ribs, chicken, pork, brisket) with limited choices for combos (just ribs and chicken) and sides (just beans and cole slaw).


The pulled pork sandwich was a generous pile of chunks that spilled out of the sandwich, leaving several pieces for snacking on throughout the rest of the meal. It was dark brown, with just the right amount of chewiness. I didn't get any smoke in the flavor. Not bad, not great.


The brisket sandwich had less meat, with a bunch of long, thin-cut slices folded over inside the bun. The meat was tender but dominated by the sauce. I've had better.


Fairly small St Louis ribs had a nice crust and were reasonably tender but a little dry. Flavor was okay. Chicken was appetizing and definitely tender. The flavor was good, but I detected no smoke.


Sauce was used strategically in the heating of the sandwich meats, with a less heavy hand on the pork than on the brisket. It seemed like the brisket was steamed in the sauce to make it tender. It worked, but it didn't strike me as truly authentic barbecue. We asked for some sauce on the side and they have one variety in a bottle. It was dark brown and fairly thin, yet a little chunky. I thought it was pretty good, combining sweet, tart, salty and (very slightly) spicy all in one sauce.


For sides, you get beans and slaw with all the barbecue dinners. Beans were slightly firm in a bland sauce; cole slaw was nondescript. The cornbread had a good flavor but was a little stiff. Barbecue sandwiches come with chips and a pickle, with the option of upgrading to onion rings. We probably should have tried that.


The bottom line: There were no catastrophic problems with the 'cue, but none of it was anywhere near exceptional. I did like the sauce they had in a bottle, though. I'd go back for drinks and the entertainment, but let's face it: the Sit 'n Bull is far from destination barbecue.


CLOSED 11/2007


A well worn bar.


A pool table and a juke box in the back.

Pulled pork sandwich.


Ribs and chicken.


A closer look at the ribs.





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