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Smokehouse Grille (CLOSED)

1068 Washington Street

Norwood, MA 02062

(781) 769-1778




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Smokehouse Grille is a small, counter-service joint located on a citified stretch of Norwood a few blocks west of route 1. The separate seating area has a no-frills atmosphere, with pig-related folk art on the walls. It looks like it might have once been a pizza joint.


The menu has all the expected barbecue offerings, with brisket, chicken, pulled pork and St Louis as well as babyback ribs. They also have steak tips and smoked Italian sausage.


I tried Smokehouse Grille's ribs twice on lunch visits right after they opened in 2005 and twice found them meaty and smoky but dry and old tasting. I returned months later to give them more chances. On a lunch visit I sampled parts of two different sandwiches. Brisket was chopped into small cubes, moistened with just the right amount of a mildly sweet brown sauce, and served in a sub roll. Not great, but not bad, and a fairly good portion of meat in the sandwich. The pulled pork sandwich came on a bun and it was a little drier, not from any lack of sauce but from dry meat. Potato salad was simply potatoes and mayo. Baked beans were average.


The bottom line: if you live in Norwood, Smokehouse Grille isn't bad for weeknight takeout, and it compares favorably to the nearby route 1 tandem of Clyde’s and Outlaw for food if not atmosphere. But if you want serious barbecue, there are superior places (Spitfires in Canton, Memphis Roadhouse in South Attleboro) not too far away.



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Brisket sandwich.


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Pulled pork sandwich.



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