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Tennessee's BBQ & Grill (CLOSED)

201 East Main Street

(Route 16, behind Route 109)

Milford, MA 01757

(508) 634-3902

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The Milford location is much more of a restaurant, with a large bar, four plasma TVs, table service and a slightly expanded menu. The place looks pretty nice.


We started with hot wings, which were pale, rubbery and underdone. My wife’s burger was charred and tasted like liquid smoke. I got the “Oink Cackle and Moo” platter that had St Louis ribs, chicken and brisket. The ribs were small with pink, tender meat and no fat. They had sort of a chemical taste and a lot of sauce. The chicken was dry. The brisket was fatty, but moist and tender. Overall, the entrees were much worse here than in Framingham, with the sides about the same. Collard greens were actually very good here, well seasoned with lots meat and flavor.


On a Thursday night, my wife and I found the place not all that busy but still had to endure long waits to have our order taken, to get drinks (and got the wrong beer), to get our order, and to have our plate of wing bones cleared between courses. Normally, I’d chalk a service experience like this up to a new server, but in this case it might have been a case of inadequate management. It seemed like the average age of the staff here is under 20, with no management guidance.


The bottom line: I think the over-the-counter versions of Tennessee’s are mediocre but at least succeed at what they’re trying to accomplish. Here, the food and service are flat-out poor. Nice TVs, but most chains have nicer ones with (I can’t believe I’m saying this) better food.


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Convenient from Route 109 or Route 16 in Milford.



A nice looking room.


Undercooked wings.


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Oink Cackle and Moo combo.

Rib sitting on pale, dry brisket.



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