BBQ Review

Village Grill & Seafood (CLOSED)

114 Magazine St

Cambridge, MA 02139

(617) 876-0406

  category: Boston BBQ, Cambridge BBQ





This is basically a Greek pizza and sub shop that happens to have a neon sign in the window offering “BBQ Ribs.” They do in fact serve ribs, and the ribs I tried were old, gray, dry (even though they were well coated with inferior sauce), burnt and tasteless. You can’t really blame them, though, as you can tell what you’re in for as soon as you walk in.


The bottom line: It’s not BBQ (not that I'm all that sure it's even trying to be) and it’s not good. If you’re in the neighborhood and you want ribs, Coast Café is a much better option.


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The sign says "BBQ Ribs".


The inside says "No BBQ... Pepsi".




Ribs - another view shortly before hitting the trash.



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