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Williker's Tex Mex and BBQ

896 Hartford Turnpike

(Route 20 near Route 9)

Shrewsbury, MA 01545

(508) 842-3030

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Williker's (also known as G Williker's) on route 20, near the route 9 intersection, is a "cabin" (so the sign says) that offers BBQ (so the sign says) and spirits. The hub of G Williker's is the four-sided bar, a la Cheers, with 4 big screen plasma TVs around the bar. Off the main bar area is a room with a few pool tables, another room that's sort of a bar annex, and the main dining room. On Superbowl Sunday, my wife and I ate at the bar, which was populated with regulars and manned by a very efficient and friendly (read: attractive) staff. They're also very generous with the free prepackaged bar snacks (not sure if this is standard or a Super Bowl thing).


We got decent crisp onion rings that were the puffy batter variety, served with a creamy/tangy dipping sauce. There are two kinds of ribs here, babybacks and "big" ribs (St Louis), so I got a half rack of the larger ribs, which comes with slaw, beans and cornbread. The ribs were tough and flavorless, with a sauce that tasted like an Italian marinara and a little vinegar. These had to be boiled and broiled, as there was no smoke ring and no smoky taste. The cole slaw had too much Mayo; the beans were a soupy mess; the interesting cornbread was surprisingly good, with a cinnamon-flavored crust, good cornmeal texture and good (though different) flavor.


The bottom line: Williker's is a fun place to hang out, where everyone knows your name (and if they don't already, they try to). Your glass will never be empty before you are asked for a refill. I'd definitely go back for drinks but definitely not for the ribs.


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A red barn with plenty of beer inside.


A fun and friendly place.


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Ribs falling off the bone. Nice seasoning though.





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