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204 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 973-0408



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The Place


Griddler's Burgers and Dogs is a self-standing building on Cambridge Street, not too far from Government Center and Boston Garden. Flat panel TVs at opposite ends frame a small dining area that has about a half dozen tables and a window dining counter. Ordering is over-the-counter but the trays are delivered to the table by a friendly staff. The burgers, needless to say, are griddled in the open kitchen.




The Buns


Here's another joint making use of the by-now ubiquitous Martin's potato roll. On my burger at least, this was the first example of an MPR that wasn't soft and bouncy fresh. I didn't think that was possible. Oh well.





The Meat


The beef is basic, formed into 4-ounce patties and cooked over a griddle until well-done (yes, that's the only option). For those who don't want to do the math, 4 ounces is a quarter pound, and this patty came out a lot thinner than a McDonald's Quarter Pounder. It also came out with no juiciness andlike the Martin's bundevoid of bounce. On the plus side, the surface did get a thorough, even crusting that had some nice flavor, more as a result of the cooking process than from the beef or seasoning. In that regard it reminded me a little of another McDonald's product: the breakfast sausage patty, only much thinner and drier.


The Toppings


Lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese were all fine, with almost no issues (the requested caramelized items were missing ) and no standout qualities.






The Fries (and such)


Waffle fries are the only fries option, and they don't suffer from any thickness deficiencies. Golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these benefit significantly from their thickness. I also liked the seasoning, which was very different from the norm. I wonder if it's 5 or 10% Cajun seasoning mixed in with the salt and a bit of pepper. It's something, whatever it is. Or it could have just been the oil, which made itself known a lot more than it should.


Onion rings were less successful. A frozen product, these came out puffy, not all that crisp, not that flavorfulexcept for the oil, which again dominated.






The Dog


I split a hot dog, which was split before grilling. This had a buttered bun and much more charring than the burger, bringing out the full intensity of the dog. Toppings on the Mexican themed variety were all good, again with no problems and no real standouts.






The Bottom Line


I'm a sucker for a blackboard menu, a griddled burger and a Martin's potato roll, but I'm not enough of a sucker to head back to Griddler's. The burgers are too thin and too dry; the fried products are too oily. The vibe may be cool, but the core product is closer to a sub shop burger than a boutique burger joint burger.






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Griddler's on Cambridge Street.


Blackboard menu, open kitchen and flat panel TVs.


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The burger.


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Cross section view of the burger.


Thick, crispy waffle fries.


Puffy, not-so-crispy onion rings.


Griddled dog.


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