Best Built-In Smokers for Outdoor Kitchens

Best Built-In Smokers for Outdoor Kitchens


Kamado Joe KJ23NRHC Classic Joe II Stand Alone 18 inch Charcoal Grill, Blaze Red


  • Barbecue Material - Ceramic
  • Grate Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Capacity - 452 square inches (24 inch diameter)
  • Heat Range - 224 - 752 Fahrenheit (107-400 calculus)
  • Fuel Type - Charcoal
  • Model - Big Joe II Stand Alone Charcoal Grill
  • Assembled Size (in) - 28.2 x 35.9 x 36.2
  • Weight - 359lbs
  • Warranty - 2 Years

The Kamado Big Joe Stand Alone Charcoal Grill is an extremely versatile piece of equipment to have in your outdoor kitchen. You can do literally anything on this, from grilling, smoking, searing, baking and braising.

The Big Joe can just be simply slotted into your kitchen, without any moderations needed. However this smoker is also more compact and easier to move around if you need to move it. 

This smoker comes with a half rack design, which allows you to cook more food at once. You can cook different foods on different levels. The design of this smoker is quite clever, as it has been built with an air lift hinge which makes the lid of the smoker a lot lighter.

This smoker has been made from high quality and durable materials, such as a ceramic shell. You can precisely control the temperature of this smoker in any weather conditions, thanks to its weatherproof top vent.

The Kamado Big Joe has impressive features that will help you achieve your smoking and outdoor kitchen dreams.


  • Versatile Design - The Kamado Big Joe features a half rack design, which means you have more space and layers to cook more food at the same time. 
  • Air lift hinge - This hinge makes the lids 96% lighter, making this lid easier to use. 
  • Waterproof top vent - This vent helps control the temperature, but it means that this smoker can be used in all weather conditions.


  • Small - This is a more compact smoker, compared to others on this list. If you had a big family gathering or party you may wish you had a bit more cooking space on your smoker.


BrickWood Box Meat Smoker Package for The Outdoor Offset Wood BBQ Smoker Combo (Grill and Smoker). Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Components. Comes with Free Detailed Homemade/DIY Smoker Plans.


  • Barbecue Material - Cinder block, rebar, fire brick, concrete
  • Grate Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Capacity - 1,095 square inches 
  • Fuel Type - Wood, Charcoal
  • Assembled Size (in) - 48 x 24 x 7
  • Weight - 75lbs
  • Warranty - 10 Years

The Brickwood Box Smoker Grill requires a bit more effort than other smokers. This is a DIY smoker, however the effort is definitely worth it.

This smoker is durable and heavy duty and will last a lifetime. Once you have made this smoker, you won’t ever need to buy another. This is a strong and well insulated smoker that runs off just wood. 

With such a solid structure, this smoker is said to laat 150 to 200 years. It comes with some great add ons, which can make this smoker even more versatile than it already is. You can smoke, fry, boil, grill and bake on this smoker.

The opportunities are endless. The Brickwood Box Smoker Grill is a one off investment, which will become a life long friend and feature in your outdoor kitchen set up.


  • Durable - This smoker is durable and with a service life of 150 to 200 years. You won’t ever need to buy another smoker again. 
  • Warranty - This smoker does come with a 10 year warranty, if something goes wrong or you aren’t happy with the product. 
  • Large - This smoker is quite big so you can be assured that it will be able to feed everyone if you are hosting a large gathering. 
  • Versatile - You can use this product as just a smoker, but it can become a grill or pizza oven with the right add ons attached. 


  • DIY Smoker - You do have to build this smoker yourself, so you need a bit of DIY knowledge.


Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker


  • Barbecue Material - Porcelain enameled steel
  • Grate Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Capacity - 1890 square inches (as well as 25-pounds capacity per grate)
  • Pallet Hopper Capacity - 784 square inch
  • Fuel Type - Charcoal
  • Model - DGO1890BDC-D
  • Assembled Size (in) - 21 x 43.3 x 50.2
  • Weight - 83lbs
  • Warranty - 1 Year

The Dyna-Glo Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker comes with six cooking grates, which means you can cook up to 25 pounds of food. This is the perfect smoker if you like hosting large gatherings. You can cook large amounts of different foods all in one smoker!

This smoker comes with dampers on the sides of the smoker and top of the chimney. This allows you to increase and decrease the amount of smoke that is being released from the smoker. Hence this also allows you to control the flavor of your meat. You have the choice of how smoky you want your meat to be.

The design of this smoker is clever, because you clean out ash from this smoker without disturbing your meats that are cooking. This is an elegant looking smoker that will be able to feed everyone. 


  • Built-in thermometer - A thermometer has been added to the front of the smoker. It tells you the right temperatures so you can achieve the perfect smoked meats and food.
  • Large Smoker - This smoker is ideal for someone who enjoys putting on large garden parties, as this smoker can cook up to 25 pounds of food on its six cooking grates.
  • Elegant Design - The Dyna-Glo Smoker has an elegant design that will definitely make a classy impression in your outdoor kitchen.


  • Smoke escaping - Some customers have claimed that smoke has been lost through a gap in the door. Which then affects the taste of the food, for those who wanted a really smoky flavor. 


Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30', Black


  • Barbecue Material - Stainless steel
  • Grate Material - Stainless steel
  • Cooking Capacity - 1.7 cubic feet
  • Heat Range - 100 - 275 fahrenheit
  • Fuel Type - Electric, Wood Chips
  • Model - MB20071117
  • Assembled Size (in) - 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26
  • Weight - 45.9lbs
  • Warranty - 1 year

The Masterbuilt 30 inch digital electric meat smoker has a digital operated heating system. This means you can control the timing and the intensity of your smoking.

With this smoker you can walk away and be assured that it is doing exactly what you want and your meats are being smoked to your liking. 

This smoker comes with a loading bay at the side of the smoker. This allows you to add more fuel to your fire, without disturbing the cooking and smoking of your food.

You don’t have to worry about the temperature dropping.

This is the perfect smoker for those who enjoy large gatherings, as this smoker can smoke a lot of food at once. It is said that it can cook 12 whole chickens, 24 burgers or 4 racks of ribs. No one will go hungry at your party.


  • Digital Heating System - This smoker comes with a digitally operated heating system, so you can set it to how you want to cook your food and walk away knowing that the smoker is doing its job.
  • Capacity - This smoker comes with a large capacity, which makes it the perfect smoker if you are known for hosting large parties. 
  • Price - This smoker is great for first time smokers, as it comes at a more affordable price. 


  • Smoke - Some customers have commented that this smoker retains its heat well, but doesn't produce as much smoke compared to other models.


Gen 3 The Heritage Oven™ W/Leg Kit


  • Barbecue Material - Stainless Steel
  • Grate Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Capacity - 1,199 square inches
  • Fuel Type - Charcoal
  • Model - Generation 3 Heritage Smoker Oven
  • Assembled Size (in) - 45 x 32 x 29
  • Weight - 250lbs
  • Warranty - 10 years

The Good One Generation 3 Heritage Smoker Oven can be built straight into your outdoor kitchen or patio set up. This is a durable and long lasting smoker that will last for years to come.

This smoker has a very large capacity, just like other smokers on this list. Therefore you can guarantee that you will have enough space to cook all the meats and food that you require, with little fuss. 

However this comes with some special features that make it different from the smokers we have already seen on this list. The firebox and damper on this product runs across the entire length of the cooking chamber.

This will give you better heat and smoke dispersion throughout your smoker. You can even put grates on top of the firebox and grill directly over it.  

This smoker also comes with spinning vents at the top of the cooking chamber and at the bottom of the firebox. This helps you to control the heat and smoke more precisely than ever before.


  • 10 year warranty - The Good One Smoker comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Larger firebox - This produce comes with a firebox that runs along the entire cooking chamber. This then allows for better temperature and smoke dispersion throughout the cooking chamber. However a larger firebox also means you won’t have to keep refilling it up during cooking.
  • Spinner Vents - These unique spinner vents help you to be more precise when it comes to controlling the temperature of your smoker. 
  • Durable - This smoker is made from stainless steel, so you can be assured that this smoker will last for years to come.


  • Price - This is quite a pricy smoker, which one the higher end of the market but it is durable and will last longer.

Best Built-In Smokers for Outdoor Kitchens Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a built in smoker, you have plenty of options to choose from. Smokers are a bit more advanced than your typical BBQ.

From what you can see in the list above, each smoker can be made from different materials, which can affect its durability. Other important elements of a smoker to look out for is its firebox and what is to be used to heat the smoker. 

What you use to heat a smoker can affect the smoke you create, which then affects the food and meats you are smoking and cooking. It does come to personal choice and how much you are willing to spend. You can create smoke and heat with various materials.

Best Built-In Smokers for Outdoor Kitchens

Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers use pellets of compressed sawdust and a combination of a range of different wood flavors. You will fill your chamber with these pellets, which will add to the smoker’s fire. This will then create the heat and smoke that you are looking for. 

Wood Smokers

Wood Smokers just use wood as the main heat source. You can use either wood logs or a split wood to stoke the inner chamber. Wood smoke is known for being a much cleaner smoke than other types of smokers. 

However the downside with wood smokers is that you have to keep adding wood to your chamber every 30 to 45 minutes. This is so you can keep your smoker at the correct temperature throughout your smoking process. 

Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers are quite simple to use. All you need to do is plug your electric smoker in, and the electric bar inside the smoker will heat up. To increase the smoke levels inside these smokers, you can add wood chunks that are soaked in water.

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal Smokers use either lumps of charcoal or charcoal briquettes. Charcoal lumps are more natural than briquettes as you use charcoal in a more natural state. Charcoal briquettes have been compressed with fillers.

Between the pair, charcoal briquettes last much longer than charcoal lumps and burn a lot more evenly. It is your choice which to use, maybe try both and see which you like more.

Gas Smokers

Gas Smokers use natural gas or have a propane burner which will ignite the smoke source.

The smoke source tends to be wood chips. This heat is much easier to control than the other ways mentioned above. However the flames are known to sometimes overheat the wood. 


Vents are crucial parts of a smoker as they help you control the temperature and smoke of a smoker.

These vents can also come in the form of a chimney, depending on the design of your smoker. Learning how to use your vents correctly will massively improve your smoking process.

Styles of Smokers

Like anything there is a range of different styles of smokers to choose from. Each style has its own benefits, it mainly depends on your budget and what you want to get out of your smoker (apart from good tasting food).


Offset smokers have a chamber that directs the smoke into the smoking chamber. This means you have much more control over your smoke. This allows for much more precise smoking and the fear of over smoking is a thing of the past. 


With a direct smoker, the smoking chamber is directly under the food. The downside with direct smokers is that it is a bit more difficult to control the smoke. Especially if you are cooking different food that requires different smoking levels. 

There is always a big debate between direct and offset smokers, it does come down to personal preference. However we do find that offset smokers are better for people new to the smoking world, as direct smokers can take some time getting used to.

Although if you are up for going straight into the deep end, then a direct smoker may be the one for you.


A drum smoker has a unique shape. It is usually made from a metal that is made to look like a drum or barrel on its side.

Your heat source will be at the bottom of the smoker and what you are smoking goes above the smoking source. Whether it is put on grill plates or is hanging. This depends on the design that you have chosen. 

Vertical Smokers

This type of smoker is becoming popular with newbie smokers. They are upright smokers, so that means they are taller than they are wide, but still can smoke well and cook a lot of food. They can look like upright cylinders, but are great for someone just starting out. 

Ceramic Smokers

You will find that ceramic smokers are a lot more versatile. You can do so much more with this type of smoker.

Not only is it great for smoking but you can grill and bake on this smoker too. Also ceramic retains heat better than metal smokers so your smoker will stay hotter for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build your own smoker?

Yes, some brands actually give you the materials and you make their smoker. However it is possible to make your own smoker that fits your own design and space.

You need to make sure you buy the right materials that will retain heat and actually produce smoke. It is possible, but requires a lot more effort.   

Why Have A Smoker?

You could simply have a normal grill. Smoking brings out different flavors in your food that you just can’t achieve by grilling. Having a smoker really steps up your outdooring cooking game, it means you create even tastier food for yourself, your family and friends.

The flavors that the smoke does depend on what you use to create the smoke. Different woods provide different flavors. A smoker gives you better and actually healthier food. Yet the biggest flaw with a smoker is that it takes time to smoke your food.

Using a smoker isn’t a quick thing, it can take hours sometimes, depending on what you are cooking, to smoke and cook your food. Also smoking your food is a bit more effort. You have to keep checking the fire and the smoke, to make sure it is at the right temperature for what you are smoking.

A smoker may take a little more effort and time but it produces better tasting food for everyone to enjoy. 


There is so much choice for built-in smokers. It does depend on your budget, but sometimes it's worth spending a lot more money, so you can have a smoker that will last much longer.

What may influence your choice is how you want to create smoke, whether that is charcoal or wood or gas. The style and smoking source will heavily influence the outcome of your smoked food, so you need to be happy with the choice you make.

A built-in smoker is an investment and will show off to friends and family that you are serious about outdoor cooking.