best time to buy a grill

Knowing When To Buy a Grill – Facts and Stats You NEED to Know

Knowing when to buy a grill is important since it will help you to minimize your expenses, while still getting the best possible model for you! In general, it’s usually best to buy a grill in the months of Fall, starting in September. This can differ depending on where you are of course.

That’s because grilling on the BBQ is something that tends to happen more often during the warmer summer months, so the Fall and Winter are better for buying. You can get some incredible deals during these months on things like gas and charcoal grills because fewer people are buying them. It’s definitely the single best time to buy a grill.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Grill?

One thing that you will see if you spend a lot of time on the sales is that many great deals on grills come up not long after the Fourth of July is over. In the US, more people have BBQs on the Fourth of July than on any other day of the year. You could easily just use your grill on that day and at no other point during the year.

Because of this, a lot of retailers will put sales up on the 5th of July. In most cases though you will find the best deals immediately after the holidays. Flash sales can sometimes appear though, so you will need to catch those quickly.

When Do Grills Usually Go on Sale? The Best Way To Find Deals on New Grills

In most cases, your grill will go on sale not long after the Fourth of July is over. This is when the main part of the grilling season is almost over so they then need to start getting their products off the shelves to make room for new ones.

You will find that grills cost barely any money between August, September and October so that they can boot the grills off the shelves and make way for new seasonal items.

If you’re exploring the high street in the days leading up to the Fourth, you may also notice that many stores will try to usher you in to get you to buy in order to get any stock that’s remaining. If you go to some of your nearby hardware stores then you may find some great deals even at this point.

The popularity of grilling is on the rise, and people are exploring more ways to do this classic American pastime. As such, the grilling season starts getting longer as time goes on. The other thing that is great about this is the fact that grills of all shapes and sizes are much safer to use, and advancements have made it so that cooking is a cinch.

Of course, a number of different things can affect how much a grill is going to cost. Things like advanced technology and upgraded designs can be much more expensive than an older model.

You will usually find the best deals on the grills that are pretty average, whereas the really advanced grills are always going to cost more money for a few years. Oh, and another thing – you may find that you aren’t going to get the best deals on a grill when a new kind of technology is unleashed into the world.

The fact remains that having a delicious BBQ with friends and family is a fantastic way to appreciate the great outdoors, so you should embrace it! Make sure that you are looking for a grill that will work not just with your budget but also with the way that you like to cook. There are so many different options available so you are sure to find something to suit you.

When Should You Buy A Grill That Has Been Used?

Sometimes you may find that it’s better to buy a used BBQ grill. This can often be a good choice since you can save a lot of money. You can save even more during the moving season, since you will find that more items are on sale.

The amount of deals available for grills and smokers is pretty staggering! A lot of people find that buying used gas grills is best done in things like garage sales. This is because a lot of people prefer to try to sell their larger appliances at home before they move to a new home.

If you want to negotiate a good price then you should try to look for used BBQ grills during the moving season. You will often find the optimum deals with larger grills because they tend to be harder to transport to a new location. You may not have even thought about this before, but now you know!

Look in yard sales, as you can often find deals on charcoal and gas grills. Sellers will want to get rid of their items fast so the price will be very little. You can find pretty much any kind of grill in a yard sale, you just need to go to the right places.

People usually buy homes and move out during the summer since the children aren’t in school at this point. People will usually want to get rid of their old, large grills before they go to their new home so that they can make way for a new grill.

If you are going to buy a used grill though, take a look at the fire burners to check they aren’t corroded. Have a look at the grill in the daytime while it’s still light, as you’ll be able to see damage and rust much more easily.

In most cases though, it’s usually best to get a new grill. With this you can get a warranty and you are less likely to get safety problems. It is hard to resist the temptation of a good bargain, of course! 

Getting the Best Bargains

One thing that we highly recommend is using your negotiation skills! There is nothing wrong with insisting that you get a price that is reasonable for the product. The truth is that a good chunk of people out there don’t truly understand how much the product is really worth, so they’re selling it with just a reference point in mind.

People tend to just guess the worth of the product when they are selling a used grill, so you need to be cautious. Not only that, but people are biased – they’re going to tell you that they have the best grill on the planet and the chances are that they believe it, but there’s an equal chance that it’s not worth much of anything.

It’s a good idea to do your research online for comparable grills to see if what you are getting is reasonable.

If you’re buying a used product then it’s always a good idea to go in expecting that you will need to negotiate.

People are going to advertise the highest price that they actually get, but the truth is that the seller will need to throw the grill away if they can’t get someone to buy it.

You can use this to your advantage. It’s not the same as buying a car that has been used, it’s often difficult to appraise used grills. Negotiate and get great deals – that’s our recommendation.

When Should I Avoid Trying to Buy A Grill?

So we’ve dived into the ideal times to buy a grill. That suggests that there are times when it is a bad idea to buy a grill, right? That’s correct! You may not be surprised to learn that it’s not a very good idea to buy a grill in the months of March until June.

At this point, grilling season is in the swing and a lot of people are desperate to get their burger and dog fix! If the retailers know that they can get a pretty penny for their products during this time then they are going to hike their prices, and they will remain this way until the end of the season.

Everyone has the same idea in the summer – they want to buy a grill STAT in order to make the most of the warm weather! The need for grills is increased at this time so the price will be higher. If you buy a grill during the summer though the prices aren’t going to change a whole lot, so you will have a hard time trying to get the prices that will work best for you.

When is the Peak Grilling Season?

March through June is the peak grilling season. This is when most people want to make the most out of their grills and get some meat cooking on the BBQ!

Unfortunately for you, if you don’t already have a grill then you may have a hard time trying to get one when you’re in the peak of grilling season. It’s a lot harder to find good deals. Sure, you could buy a grill at this point, but you’re not going to be getting the best bang for your buck at this point. 

If you look for deals during the spring and early summer then you will see many more options available since the retailers will have re-stocked their shelves in order to prepare for the grilling season up ahead.

Spring can sometimes be a decent choice to buy if you want to compare and contrast different grills that are available, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best time to flash the cash. It’s just a good time for research and to see what you want.

You will find some sales every now and again at this point though, and this can be particularly useful if you want to get a grill that is decently priced but you don’t want to wait. Be warned though – you’ll need to jump on deals quickly since a lot of people will have the same idea.

How Can I Get The Best Bargains During Fall and Late Summer?

best time to buy a grill

So where do you find these all important deals? For starters, make sure that you look into what you’re buying beforehand. Being knowledgeable about BBQs will help you a lot. If you are going to be buying a grill quite early on then it’s a good idea to look at the different brand models and see what’s good about them.

Double check that what you are getting is the latest model too. You do sometimes find that retailers will often showcase the products from the year before. Grills don’t always change a lot from year to year, but the newer models do sometimes improve upon features and ideas in the editions from the year before.

If you are looking for bargains during the fall, you may be able to get one of the most recent models for barely any money. It’s also a good time to find deals on models that may not be on the shelves anymore or slightly older grills, so you won’t need to spend a fortune.

Second, get your pen and paper out – it’s time to write some things down. Make sure that you note the things that you want, the things that you can’t go without and what you must avoid at all costs. It will make it a lot easier for you to make an informed decision that’s going to be right for you.

Consider the size of the grill, and what features are important to you. What about the pellets used? If you have this list with you when you are scouring the market then it will stop you from making overly expensive purchases because you’ve been pulled in by the allure of beer holders on your grill. 

Be aware too that a lot of stores that are local to you will choose to liquidate their grills fairly quickly after the season ends. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ensure that you aren’t waiting excessive amounts of time before you put the cash down on that new grill. 

Have a look online, too – you don’t just need to look on the high street. Make sure that you consider shipping, since these are large items that can be hard work in terms of transportation. Many online stores will have deals throughout the year since someone somewhere will always be in need of a grill. Perhaps someone wants to buy a grill as a gift, after all! 

Quick Stats and Facts about the BBQ

Grilling is a national pastime that many of us love to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re from America, Europe or elsewhere, you probably enjoy a BBQ every once in a while! It’s become even more popular over the past few years. As such, we thought that you may be interested in a few of these statistics and facts that we’ve brought you! 

Holidays Popular for BBQs

Information online has illustrated that the main holiday associated with BBQ is the Fourth of July in the U.S. Nobody is surprised by this – we all enjoy some burgers and hot dogs on this huge holiday! It’s a great way to celebrate our families, freedom and everything else that the Fourth of July represents. A whopping 87% of us here in the U.S. will flare up the grill when the 4th is approaching. People also enjoy a BBQ during Labor Day, Memorial Day and Fathers Day.

Reasons for the BBQ Love

So now you may be wondering why we all love to spend so much time behind the grill. In reality, you probably know the answer to that question anyway!

BBQ food has a delicious flavor that most people enjoy. You can also add a wide range of sauces, and some of them vary based on the part of the U.S. that you are visiting. It can make certain regions very unique in terms of the BBQ food that they offer.

It’s a lot of fun to spend time with the BBQ, and it’s an easy way to get both you and the family out into the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like hanging out with friends and family in the backyard, cracking open a beer and watching the world go by with a delicious burger. It’s usually easier to grill than to cook indoors too, and there are some things that simply taste better when they have been grilled. 

A Few Handy Facts About BBQ and Grilling

You’d be surprised to learn some of these awesome facts about BBQ and grilling! Did you know that over the past year 79.1 million U.S. Citizens grilled? That’s a pretty big number, and it’s not hard to see why! 

The Most Popular Thing to Cook

So what food item is the most popular thing to go on our BBQ grills? You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s burgers! These are the most popular things to cook on a BBQ. Shortly after this on the list is a big juicy steak, hotdogs and then chicken.

Burgers are an obvious favorite because whipping them up is a cinch, and they take barely any time to cook on a grill. The same can be said about hot dogs. They don’t take a lot of time to cook and they’re a great choice if you need to feed a lot of people.

White House BBQ

One huge tradition in the White House is to have a BBQ cookout. This tradition has been in place since the days of Thomas Jefferson. In fact, BBQ grills were installed on the roof of the White House thanks to President Johnson because he was fond of BBQs.

In addition to this, George Bush Senior would often hold BBQs with other people in congress. It was a huge tradition for many years up until 9-11 occurred.

More Things to Know

There was a huge survey conducted by the Hearth and Patio and Barbecue Association to find some amazing facts about BBQs. Here’s some of the information from that study.

First of all, the study said that most people prioritize flavor when it comes to a BBQ, so most of them choose to grill their food. Other reasons that people gave for why they enjoy grilling include lifestyle, fun, ease of cooking and some even said health. We’re surprised more people didn’t say that they enjoy it as an excuse to unwind with a beer! 

More people in America also own a grill than Canadians. Gas grills are the most popular kind of grill, and this is followed by charcoal and electric grills. Neat, huh?