The Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Smokers

TV chefs tend not to use meat thermometers. They’re chefs, they have the experience to safely make that choice.

Most people smoking meats at home don’t have that experience, and should be using a wireless meat thermometer when they smoke.

There are lots of wireless meat thermometers on the market, though. With an array of differing alarms, connections, probe numbers, and presets, it’s difficult to tell the ones that are really worth your hard-earned cash. So which trees among the thermo-forest are actually worth the money?

Follow us. We’ve stuck a lot of probes into a lot of protein to bring you our personal best.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.


ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Meat Probe, Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer Wireless for Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 2
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1.8 F
  • Presets: USDA plus set-your-own
  • Wireless range: 300 feet
  • Model: TP20

Cream of our crop has to be the TP20, from ThermoPro.

We know what you’re thinking. Something along the lines of “What, that thing?”

Granted, there are sexier meat thermometers out there. But the real attraction of the TP20 is that it delivers a lot of benefits in a reasonably unfussy package, and for a reasonably affordable price.

What are we talking about here? Firstly, there are two probes, which is considerate and realistic.

The design may not be slick, but it is pretty durable, and you can afford to treat it like a real cooking implement, rather than an expensive techno-gizmo.

The key though is that any meat thermometer – especially one for use with a smoker, where temps can be crazy and confusing half the time – needs to be pretty darned accurate, otherwise it’s more or less a pointless poking stick.

The TP20 is accurate up to 1.8°F, and is also reassuringly easy to use. The last thing you want in a meat thermometer for smokers is overly complicated instructions.

It should be as simple as “Insert this here, wait for reading, read the reading, done.” And the TP20 pretty much is that thermometer.

Oh, and it gets extra bonus points for having USDA presets built in. Seriously, it does all the work that the squeezy squeezy chefs on your TV had to work years to do by feel.

With the TP20, you really don’t have to think that hard at all – set your presets, and you’re good to go.

Once your probes are plugged in, the wireless remote will give you a good 300 feet of distant control, which – well, you can do this experiment for yourself.

Take a long, long measuring tape or start the app on your phone and walk in a straight line till you reach 300 feet. That’s got to be long enough for most home uses.

Now, Heaven forbid we suggest that the USDA is an organization of bureaucratic busybodies with the intention of killing every impulse of fun for the somber purpose of keeping people alive and healthy.

If you’re not a fan of its presets though, the TP20 is an enabler of your E-Coli roulette – you can change the default settings to whatever temperature Uncle Hank always smoked his meats at.

It’ll save those new defaults, even when you turn the thermometer off, and it will give you an alarm when you reach the temperatures of your choice.

The combination of the ease, the accuracy, the durability, and the tinkerability makes the TP20 our top wireless meat thermometer for smokers.

Stick it in, go about your day, and just look up when the alarm goes – it really couldn’t be easier unless it were a smoker-tended butler.


  • Preset USDA temperatures make this a minimum-hassle thermometer
  • The ability to use your own presets frees it from just the conventional settings
  • 300 feet wireless remote control has to be long enough for most homes
  • Accurate temperature readings to within 1.8 degrees F
  • 2 probes mean you can check more than one piece of meat at a time


  • While the probes should last a while, they’re not especially durable


Original MEATER | Smart Meat Thermometer | 33ft Wireless Range | for The Oven, Grill, Kitchen, BBQ, Rotisserie

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 1 probe, 2 sensors - upgradable to the MEATER Block, with 4 probes
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1 F
  • Presets: Guided Cook system
  • Wireless range: 165 feet, requiring an extender (purchased separately) to go further
  • Model: MEATER Plus (OSC-MT-ME01)

The MEATER Plus is on the pricier end of the wireless meat thermometer spectrum, so it prices itself out of our top spot.

But if you have the budget available, it combines a lot of impressive elements in a single wireless thermometer.

It connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, so the probe itself can communicate with the main unit (ideally placed near your smoker.

The main unit then connects to your smartphone, sending you information on the internal temperature of whatever piece of meat you’ve pierced with the probe.

For those who know their way around wireless meat thermometer technology, it’s straightforward to program the system to give you the information you need at the moment you need it.

For those less experienced in such systems, the MEATER Plus will walk you through the process, like an active recipe book.

Here’s where the MEATER Plus pulls out its cutest and more interesting trick though.

While there’s only a single probe, it has two sensors – one to take the internal temperature of the meat, and the other that gives you an ambient temperature reading of the air around it.

Why is that useful? Especially in smokers?

Simple – it’s usually more accurate as a guide to the temperature in the smoker than the gauge that’s on the smoker is.

While many smokers have ambient temperature gauges that will get you fairly close to the truth, the MEATER Plus’ second probe can get you closer to that truth without any extra fuss or hassle.

The whole wireless thing means you can dishwash the MEATER Plus probes, and while the standard package includes just a single probe, you can upgrade to the MEATER Block, that will give you four probes, each at a reduced price compared to getting just the one.

The MEATER Plus is more expensive, but its probe is significantly more durable than some on the market.

It gives you concise updates on the temperature of both your meat and the ambient temperature in your smoker, and it even has an algorithm that predicts how much longer you need to smoke your meat given current temperatures – which is a cute additional feature.

The opportunity to upgrade to the MEATER Block is another useful extra, because if you find a useful wireless meat thermometer, the chances of you getting by with just the one probe are smallish.

While the price knocks it out of contention for our top spot, it’s still an extremely cool wireless meat thermometer with a lot of neat tricks and capabilities.


  • Having two sensors in a single probe gives you twice the data
  • The ambient temperature probe is often more accurate than the gauge on your smoker
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows data to be sent to your smartphone, so you can adjust times and temperatures accordingly
  • An algorithm even predicts your remaining smoking time
  • The opportunity to upgrade to the four-probe MEATER Block pack increases the value for money of the thermometer


  • The price is high for the single-probe option
  • It has a range of just 165 feet, and needs a separate range extender to increase


ThermoPro TP08B 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smoker BBQ Grill Oven Thermometer with Dual Probe Kitchen Cooking Food Thermometer

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 2, both dual-sensor
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1.8 F
  • Presets: USDA plus set-your-own
  • Wireless range: 300 feet
  • Model: TP08S

Yes, we’re back in the house of ThermoPro. We more or less have no choice, due to one important point about the TP08S offering – it comes with a lifetime warranty on its probes.

Given how fundamentally vulnerable probes for smokers can be (especially, if our experience is anything to go by, when washing them!), there’s something pretty golden about a lifetime warranty.

And we know exactly what you’re thinking, because we thought it too. “Oh sure, lifetime warranty, but here comes the army of disqualifying criteria…”

Not so much. ThermoPro will replace the probes, entirely free, even if they’ve been damaged because they’ve been “used improperly.”

We kind of want to know who’s using thermometer probes improperly – are there housecats across the nation engaging in secret probe-using swordfights we don’t know about?

But the fact remains – whatever happens to your TP08S probes, you can get them replaced for free if they no longer do the job you need them for.

The set-up is similar to that of the MEATER Plus. The thermometer’s transmitter comes with a hook to hang on the outside of your smoker – or somewhere suitably close by.

The thermometer sends data to the transmitter and the transmitter bounces the data on to your smartphone.

The TP08S is less perfect for the job than either of our first two thermometers though, with a couple of niggling inconveniences that could easily be solved with a little more forethought on the part of the manufacturer.

While you can eventually train yourself in the right buttons and inputs, they’re not what you’d call instantly intuitive – and if you’re only using your smoker during barbecue season, there’s every chance you’ll have forgotten them by the time the next season rolls around.

And in a similar failing, the inputs for the various probes aren’t labelled, either. For a little while when you first start using them, it’s almost like probe roulette.

On the whole though, while nowhere near challenging the TP20, the TP08S certainly challenges the MEATER Plus, having a similar two-sensor probe to report back on both internal meat temperature and ambient smoker temperature for significantly less cash outlay. And that lifetime warranty is a thing not to be sneezed at.


  • The lifetime warranty helps make the TP08S an attractive prospect
  • The two-sensor probes challenge the MEATER Plus for its special feature
  • The sensor alerts you when you’ve gone out of wireless range


  • Irritatingly, neither the transmitter nor the wireless receiver is waterproof, which limits what you can do with them
  • The controls are less than intuitive, and the probes aren’t labelled


ENZOO 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes for Grilling, Instant Read Food Thermometer, Digital Meat Thermometer, Cooking Thermometer for Smoker, BBQ Accessories, Carrying Case Included

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 4
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1 F
  • Presets: USDA plus set-your-own
  • Wireless range: 500 feet
  • Model: Enzoo 52150000

Budget versus functionality is the constant battle when it comes to wireless meat thermometers.

You want one that does all the cool tricks, but naturally enough, that’s the thermometer that’s just outside your thermometer budget. What do you mean, you don’t have a thermometer budget? What kind of monster are you?

But the point is, if you’re looking to square the circle of price and functionality, the Enzoo wireless meat thermometer might well be worth your time to check out.

The unit itself is pretty rugged, and unlikely to be phased by accidents. You also get four probes sold as standard, rather than as an upgrade package. Accuracy is surprisingly high, especially for a thermometer at the Enzoo’s end of the pricing spectrum.

And you get a wireless connectivity range of 500 feet. That’s better than our list-leading ThermoPro. You can keep in touch with your Enzoo thermometer from next door’s pre-cookout drinks party!

And, unlike the TP08S, the Enzoo is both easy to set up and intuitive to use, so you’re not constantly having to refer back to the manual every time you want to stick a probe in something.

Again, taking the fight to the more expensive TP20, the Enzoo gives you temperature accuracy to within 1.8 degrees F. It also comes with those USDA presets, and yes, it even lets you replace those presets with your own.

You’re sitting up and taking notice now, aren’t you?

We were too – the Enzoo offers a lot of the things that made the TP20 our ultimate pick for the best wireless meat thermometer for smokers – but it offers them at a sweeter price point.

So how come there are a few thermometers between the Enzoo and the TP20? Honestly, there’s a lot of brand recognition in the decision.

The Enzoo doesn’t look as sleek or slick as the TP20, it has the feel of that genius uncle who’s really a diamond, but who turns up to weddings in a Seventies suit and unruly hair.

But if you can look beyond the styling, the Enzoo will do lots of the top quality things the TP20 gets credit for, but it will put those capabilities in the hands of a lot more smokers thanks to significantly more humane pricing.


  • The Enzoo is accurate to within 1.8 degrees F
  • It has connectivity upto 500 feet, and that’s without using any additional WiFi or Bluetooth
  • It comes with pre-programmed USDA temperatures, which can be overridden with your own
  • It’s sold with four probes, so you can test several pieces of meat at a time


  • The looks of the thermometer are a little eccentric
  • When you’re programming your own presets, it doesn’t identify them easily for you


NutriChef Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking - Wifi Grill Thermometer for Outside BBQ and Smoker Oven - 6 Temperature Probes and Smart APP and 400 Ft Range

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 2
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1.8 F
  • Presets: 11, plus set-your-own
  • Wireless range: 200 feet
  • Model: NutriChef PWIRBBQ80 

If you’re even further towards the budget end of the buying pool than all those swanky Enzoo-owners, the NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer is a good way of making sure you can tell when your meat is decently smoked, while leaving enough left in the budget to… y’know… buy the meat, rather than resorting to roadkill.

You get 2 probes in the NutriChef offering with 11 presets and the option to set your own.

It’s as smart as it promises, using Bluetooth to twang details of the temperature of your meat directly to your smartphone. 

The downside is simple – the NutriChef has a range of only 200 feet outdoors, and 100 feet indoors.

While 200 feet is still looking pretty good compared to the 165 feet of the MEATER Plus, it can be a little limiting if you have things to do around the house.

Weirdly enough, if the range is a real issue for you, the TP08S might be a better option in the budget end of the spectrum.

But if you don’t need lots of distance, the NutriChef is a surprisingly competent option for a really satisfying kind of price that will make each smoky bite of meat taste just a little sweeter.


  • The price is a great attraction of going for the NutriChef
  • 11 preset temperatures take the hassle out of smoke-temping, and the option to set your own lets you experiment
  • Notifications and alarms get sent wirelessly through to your smartphone


  • The range is limited to 200 feet outdoors or 100 feet indoors


ThermoPro TP27 500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking with 4 Probes Smoker BBQ Grill Thermometer Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for Meat

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 4 (color-coded to avoid confusion)
  • Temperature accuracy: to 1.8 F
  • Presets: None
  • Wireless range: 500 feet
  • Model: TP27

OK, so if the range really is a big factor in your decision of which wireless meat thermometer to buy for your smoker, we’re going to pull you back one more time to ThermoPro – this time the ThermoPro TP27.

That thermometer has a pretty effortless range of 500 feet – taking the fight for range right to the Enzoo, but giving you extended distance in a ThermoPro package.

Importantly, the TP27 uses new technology to bounce a signal reliably through walls and floors, and across longer distances. That means you can expect it to be relatively future-proof technology for a while to come.

As with the list-leading TP20 though, with the TP27, you get all the rest of the features too – accuracy to 1.8 degrees F, stainless steel probes for extra durability, and color-coded probes so – unlike the TP08S – you get a fast and intuitive system for your probes and ports.

While the TP27 doesn’t come with ambient temperature sensors built in, it does come with metal bands that can be attached to the probe and can record and send you that data.

It’s slightly more hassle than the ready-to-go models (and yes, that extra hassle is enough to push it down our list), but it makes the ambient temperature sensing technology of other models available in the TP27.

Weirdly, considering almost all the other thermometers on our list have this feature, there are no presets on the TP27, and neither can you set your own.

That’s an omission that really pushes it down the list. But for accuracy and range, it’s still an impressive wireless meat thermometer.


  • Using cutting-edge signal technology gives you 500 feet of range
  • Four color-coded probes mean you can temp-check several pieces of meat at once Accuracy to within 1.8 degrees F means it’s a thermometer to trust


  • There are no pre-programmed settings


Inkbird 150ft Waterproof Meat Bluetooth Grill Thermometer IBT-4XP,Cooking Wireless BBQ Thermometer with 4 Probes for Smoker, Alarm and Timer Digital Food BBQ Thermometer for Kitchen, Grill, Oven, Drum

Stats - At A Glance

  • Number of probes: 4
  • Temperature accuracy: to 2 F
  • Presets: USDA
  • Wireless range: 150 feet
  • Model: IBT-4XP

Want to get your smoke on, but live in Drizzleville, Seattle? The Inkbird IBT-4XP is a waterproof wireless meat thermometer, so you can shake your fist at Thor and smoke on regardless.

The set comes with three meat probes and one ambient temperature probe. Pairing to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it lets you check on your smoking, and sends you an alarm when it’s done.

At least, it does if you’re within 150 feet of the smoker. After that, not so much. And yes, that range limitation is what puts an otherwise perfectly competent thermometer, still yards ahead of the field, at the bottom of our list of the best.

It’s accurate to within 2 degrees F too, and gives you temp checking for 20 straight hours before it needs to be recharged – that should be enough for most home smoking, if not all of it.


  • It’s a waterproof thermometer
  • Three meat probes means you can check multiple pieces of meat at the same time
  • Its rechargeable battery will give you 20 hours in a smoker if you need them


  • It has a range of just 150 feet


What you gain from using a meat thermometer when smoking meat is precision, control, and above all, a sense of repeatable delivery of the results you want from your smoker.

What you get in a wireless meat thermometer is all of that, but with the added bonus of being able to keep an eye on your time and temperature from a distance.

With a wireless meat thermometer, you get control without having to hover around your smoker for hour after hour. It’s the tool that can free you from the smoker’s traditional twitch and stoop.

And the best of them give you extra data, extra probes and extra options - without breaking the bank.