Top 5 Best Grill Brushes

Grilling is the perfect way to draw out all of the rich and varying flavors of your meat.

Grilling makes use of intense heat to quickly cook meats and other ingredients, while also imbuing them with a strong and smoky taste that has become a favorite all across the World.

Grills can take a large number of ingredients per usage, but they generally work at their absolute best when they are clean. 

The problem is, every time you go to use your grill, you’ll find that it gets dirtier and dirtier with each use.

Juices from meats and ingredients that fall down the gaps will slowly create a solid grime that can be an absolute nightmare to clean out and remove. 

Luckily, there is a massive range of grill brushes and other cleaning tools that you can use to really clean your grill from corner to corner, leaving it just as shiny as the day you bought it!

Read on below to find out five of the absolute best grill brushes that you can buy today and give your grill another lease of life!

We also have a dedicated buyer’s guide, so that you can make the right choice when buying your own brush.


Grill Rescue BBQ Replaceable Scraper Cleaning Head, Bristle Free - Durable and Unique Scraper Tools for Cast Iron or Stainless-Steel Grates, Barbecue Cleaner (Grill Brush with Scraper)

Specs for the Grill Rescue Brush

  • Color: Red.
  • Handle Material: Plastic.
  • Weight: 15.8 oz.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 15.98 x 5 x 3.46.
  • Brush Material: Foam sponge wrapped in Kevlar.

This fire red grill brush is built to take on tough and set-in stains without the need for any clunky extra parts or cleaning materials.

This grill brush makes use of a sponge-like heat retardant foam pad, which is wrapped inside of a kevlar layer that allows you to properly brush your grill without any bristles! 

The Grill Rescue brush features a simple design, with a long and sturdy red handle attached to the kevlar-wrapped foam. The brush focuses on two distinct actions that you will need, in order to clean away the grime from your grill.

First is the foam pad, which scrubs and washes away surface grime. Second is the scraper tool, attached to the head of the brush, which you can then use to dig away at those pesky patches of grime that just won’t come off.

This means that you can effectively clean your grill without attaching any extra parts. Using both tools requires a simple back and forth motion, which means you can use the tool without tiring yourself out! 

Cleaning efficiency is another great benefit of using the Grill recuse brush. This brush does not require the use of any extra cleaning materials, such as bleaches or grime removers, which can potentially soak into your coals, and leave a bad taste in your food.

In order to use this brush, all you need to do is set your grill to around four hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and use a little bit of water!

When your grill has reached a solid temperature, you can dip the brush in water and then simply rub it across the grill.

When the water touches the hot grill it will steam up, which causes the water to spread and slowly soften the grime on your grill. 

The foam pad of this brush can be replaced easily, and replacements can easily be purchased online.

Luckily, you most likely won’t need to replace the pad, as they are built from high-grade materials that are built to last for years.

These pads can also be placed inside of your dishwasher so that they can be good as new each and every time you use them.

Safety is also an important factor in any good grill brush. You want a brush that will not fall apart when used.

Bristles from other common grill brushes can often come loose and find themselves in your food, which is incredibly dangerous to your health.

The Grill Rescue brush is made from a small number of very solid parts, so you can clean with the confidence that you and your loved ones are being protected. 


  • Simple but sturdy design features few moving parts, which makes it incredibly safe.
  • Can be used to clean a grill with just water, meaning you can save money, and avoid using harmful chemicals.
  • Easily replaceable parts make this a long-lasting and trustworthy tool.
  • Foam pad and metal scraper make different levels of cleaning simple.


  • The brush does not come with any kind of hanger, so it can potentially be difficult to store. An extra hanging hook can be purchased online.
  • Sharp pieces of grime can potentially cause the kevlar on the foam pad to tear, so care should be taken when used.


Grillaholics Essentials Nylon Grill Brush - Bristle Free Alternative - Nylon Cold Scrub Technology Cleans Between The Grates - Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Specs for Grillaholics Essentials Nylon Grill Brush:

  • Color: Red & Black.
  • Handle Material: Plastic.
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 17 x 3.6 x 2.6.
  • Brush Material: Nylon.

Worried about metal bristles from other grill brushes falling into your grill, or, even worse, ending up in your food?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many frequent grill users have begun to switch over to using other forms of brush to prevent this from happening.

One of the absolute best brushes to solve this problem is the Grillaholics Essentials Nylon Grill Brush. This brush makes use of flexible but sturdy bristles, made from high-quality nylon.

The use of nylon bristles makes this brush perfect, not only for preventing bristles from ending up in your food, but also for efficiently and fully cleaning porcelain grills, which can easily become damaged by ordinary grill brushes.

This brush features strong nylon bristles that can make easy work of grime and dirt buildups, but do not create excess force, and run the risk of damaging your brand new porcelain grill.

Make sure that you are careful when using this brush, however, as the nylon bristles cannot handle high temperatures to the same degree that standard metal bristles can. If you use this brush on a grill that is too hot, you run the risk of melting them down.

A long and sturdy plastic handle means that you can apply force where necessary to really scrape off excess dirt. The long and durable handle also makes it easier to move the brush around exactly where and how you want it.

The brush features an angled design, with a built to last metal frame that holds the bristles in place and bends to the force you apply to it, to ensure that it does not snap during use.

The angled brush head features a 3-in-1 design, with three metal tubes holding the nylon bristles in place. These bristles can reach deep down into your grill, and remove grime from even the bottom of your grill grates.

Nylon bristles also make this brush work much faster and more efficiently than other brushes, thanks to being made from durable but sturdy materials.

Grillaholics is also a well-established and trusted brand amongst grill aficionados, who recommend them for their know-how, and their range of sturdy and dependable products.

Grillaholics have a wide range of products available, as well as in a range of styles.

This nylon grill brush can also be purchased with a classy-looking wooden handle, which makes Grillaholics the perfect brand for those looking for unique and personalized grill products.


  • Nylon bristles make for safer grill use, with no metal parts risking falling into your grill.
  • Sturdy build, with metal frame and wooden handle, to facilitate effective and efficient cleaning.
  • Can be used to clean your grill even while cooled down.


  • Cannot be used on a hot grill, as this will cause the bristles to melt down and form together. Take care when using the brush, so that you do not need to replace it.
  • May require the use of extra cleaning materials, such as cleaning solutions and sprays.


Grill Brush and Scraper - Grill Cleaner Brush Grill Accessories for Outdoor Grill - Safe BBQ Brush for Grill Cleaning - Heavy Duty 17' Grill Brushes

Specs for the Alpha Grillers Grill Brush:

  • Color: Black.
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 17.72 x 7.32 x 2.87.
  • Brush Material: Stainless Steel Wire Bristles.

Built with a dense network of stainless steel bristles, the Alpha Grillers Grill Brush is perfect for those looking to do some heavy-duty grill cleaning.

Unlike many other metal grill brushes, this is perfectly safe for use with a wide range of grill types, such as porcelain grills, stainless steel grills, and cast iron grills.

Each bristle is carefully manufactured to provide effective cleaning without running the risk of heavily scratching, particularly delicate grills.

With a wide brush head, this product is perfect for those looking to cut down on time spent cleaning. With each use of the brush, it can cover a massive surface area of up to three times the size of a standard grill brush.

The sturdy handle is built with a considerable length so that you can put considerable weight onto the brush in case you need to get in deep to scrape away dirt.

The long handle is also beneficial for allowing you to remain safe while cleaning your grill. If you are cleaning your grill while it is still hot, then the long handle means that you won’t risk burning your hands.

The Alpha Grillers brush also features a stainless steel scraper, which rests just above the brush head and can be used, in a flash, to chip away at hard grime.

Stainless steel materials also make this a perfect device for those who want an easy and quick cleaning experience, as these materials are themselves very easy to clean after use, so you can get back to what’s important.

Storage was also considered when designing this brush, as its handle features a large ring towards the top that can be hung from a hook close to the grill.

This means you won’t have to drill any holes in the brush yourself or have to go through the immense hassle of finding somewhere to store the device, which can be difficult thanks to its long handle. 

This brush can also be used entirely without extra cleaning materials, such as cleaning solutions.

Simply dipping the brush in water, before using it on a hot grill can create steam, which will then carefully soften down grime, to make it easier to scrape and scrub off.

This brush also prevents loose bristles, thanks to its strong and secure build, which holds bristles in place, so that you won’t find any small threads of metal in your meat. 


  • Sturdy design for heavy-duty grill cleaning tasks, such as a long handle, and strong bristles that will not come loose after heavy use.
  • Easy storage thanks to a built-in metal ring, to hang from hooks, or otherwise nearby to your grill. 
  • Stainless steel materials make the device easy to clean and maintain between uses.


  • The brush handle can break under considerable weight, so be sure not to strain the brush beyond reason.
  • Metal scraper is marginally smaller than the brush head, which means it cannot cover as wide an area.


Cuisinart CCB-5014 BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush and Scraper, 16.5', Stainless Steel, 16. 5'

Specs for the Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush:

  • Color: Silver.
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 16.5 x 3 x 1.5.
  • Brush Material: Stainless Steel Bristles.

Featuring a modern and sleek look, this grill brush is perfect for those who don’t make heavy frequent use of their grill. Though this grill features a slightly smaller brush head and scraper, it does not sacrifice its cleaning ability.

This brush has a simple design, with a small, slightly angled brush head, woven with short stainless steel bristles.

This short length means that the bristles can each chip away at considerable chunks of grime and dirt, without moving too much.

This also means it is far less likely that you will dislodge any bristles, and have them show up later in your food.

However, because of their short length, these bristles cannot reach as far as other competing brushes, so you may miss small chunks of dirt. 

This brush does come with an extended head over the bristles, which can be used to scrape away at tough parts and can also be used to reach tough areas.

The slightly angled head does mean that this brush can reach slightly harder areas, but it cannot always reach them reliably. This brush is best for those who do not use their grills regularly, or between each bit of meat that’s placed onto the grill.

Each element of this grill brush is built from stainless steel, which makes it both durable and adaptable, and easy to clean between uses.

No small crevices or gaps in the design can hold on to excess dirt, which means that it is both a practical and stylish design.

The long grip and handle of the brush are built to give you a long reach so that you don’t risk your hands becoming too hot, and so that you can gain great leverage to chip away at dirt all over. 

This grill brush also comes with a metal ring built in to the end, so that you can hang it wherever you want, so it is available for easy access as and when you need it.

This brush will work perfectly with all extra cleaning materials, such as degreasers, without rusting or damaging over time. The brush can be cleaned straight after use with a quick rinse of water.


  • Sleek and simple design makes it perfect for infrequent users.
  • The hanging hook makes storage simple and easy so that the brush is always easily accessible whenever you need it.
  • Short bristles make cutting away at hard dirt easy, while also keeping the bristles securely attached so that they do not end up in your food.


  • The simple design could be a drawback for frequent grillers, as it does not provide the reach that such users may require. 
  • Short bristles cannot reach as far, or clean as deeply


Weber 6493 21-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush

Specs for the Weber 6493:

  • Color: Black.
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 0.7 oz.
  • Dimensions (Inches): 21 x 0.75 x 1.25.
  • Brush Material: Foam sponge wrapped in Kevlar.

What this grill brush lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its plethora of unique design features.

This brush features a triangle-shaped brush head, with a single wire of stainless steel bristles. This triangle head may look rather flimsy and ineffective, but it allows for incredible and unparalleled reach.

By twisting the brush so that it can fit between the grates of your grill, you can then twist it again so that it can reach the bottom sides of the grates, to get those hidden bits of grime.

The wide triangle head means that it can reach every angle of the grill and its numerous grates. 

The brush also has a small and compact design, which makes it perfect for targeting particular trouble spots, so that you can accurately and efficiently clean your grill for maximum performance.

This grill would be best bought as a supplemental tool alongside a wider grill brush.

This is so you can quickly clean your whole grill with the wide brush, and then use the smaller Weber brush to finish the job and reach those tough corners. 

This brush also features a long handle, wrapped in sturdy plastic, to prevent strain on your hands when using it for longer periods.

The brush is built throughout with stainless steel to give you sturdy and trustworthy usage time after time, making this a perfect device for frequent grillers who want to properly maintain their grill.

The brush is also perfect for those who only occasionally make use of their grill, allowing them to focus on small spots of the grill when they need to.

The Weber brush also comes with a small leather loop built into the top, to be hung from anywhere either in your kitchen or next to your barbeque appliance.

This makes it great for ease of access and to clean up those sudden problem spots even during mid-use. Stainless steels also mean that the brush can be used while the grill is hot so that you can steam clean your grill.

Finally, this brush also has smaller bristles than the average competing grill brush, which means that it can easily grind away at dirt, without falling out or putting up too little resistance. This makes it perfect for safety, and efficiency.


  • Small and simple design makes this easy to use, with a small head perfect for reaching tough corners.
  • Sturdy and rust-proof stainless steel build provides countless effective uses.
  • Small bristles are less likely to come loose and provide great resistance to grind away at dirt.


  • Not built for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, should be used in conjunction with a larger brush, for those who frequently use their grill.
  • If used on a hot grill, the steel structure can occasionally be bent, if too much force is applied.

Best Grill Brushes Buying Guide

Now that we have covered some of the absolute best grill brushes on the market, you’d be right in thinking that you are absolutely spoiled for choice.

However, now you might have the problem of choosing which grill brush is best for you. If this is the case, then look no further than the handy buyer’s guide below, as we discuss some of the things you should make sure to look out for.


You don’t want your brand new grill brush to fall apart in your hands the first time you use it! Thus, if you want to make the right choice of grill brush, then you need to make sure that it is durable.

Grime and grease that has built up on a grill can take some considerable force to remove, and thus you will need to put in extra weight to scrape it off. If a grill brush cannot handle your weight properly, then you will want to avoid purchasing it.

Make sure that the materials of your grill brush are also of good quality. Look for good metals, especially stainless steel, and strong plastics, that wrap around the handle. 

Stainless steels are great because of their anti-rusting properties, which means you can make use of steam cleaning methods, and easily rinse and wash the product, without risking damaging it.

Ease of Use

Cleaning your grill can be quite an arduous task, requiring a great deal of strength and energy. Because of this, you will want to make sure that your grill brush is comfortable and easy to use for long periods.

Look for grill brushes with ergonomic handles, or comfortable grips, so that you can avoid strain on your hands, and reduce the risk of developing blisters. 

How easy a grill brush is to use will often depend on the person using it. If you are the type of person to make constant use of your grill, then you might want a grill brush with multiple bells and whistles, or wide brush heads to clean large surface areas quickly.

If you only occasionally make use of your grill, then you can opt for a smaller grill brush, which may not have as many features, but can effectively clean small areas, which should be more than adequate. 

Metal Or Non-Metal Bristles

Metal bristles have commonly been known to come loose from the brush and find themselves showing up in your food.

To prevent this potentially dangerous situation from happening, you should try to aim for a brush that does not use metal bristles, such as the Grill Rescue foam-based brush or Grillaholics nylon-based brush. These brushes won’t leave dangerous residue lying around when you use them.

If you do opt for metal bristles, make sure to choose a brush with a sturdy design, so that these bristles do not escape into the pits of your grill.

Some grill brushes have shorter bristles that are less likely to come loose, and are less likely to cause damage, should they become loose. Small metal bristles are also more likely to put up strong resistance to grime, which makes them potentially more efficient.


Look for grill brushes with unique designs that are built to clean large grill surfaces quickly, with few actions needed. The Weber brush is perfect for this, thanks to its triangle-head design, which allows it to reach the underside of grates, to provide a truly deep clean.

Look out for brushes with scrapers as well. These small extra pieces of metal allow you to hack away at those stubborn stains and build-ups of dirt, without needing to pull out another device. 

You should also check to see that your brush can handle high temperatures if you plan to clean your grill while still warm or hot. You will want appropriate materials that are built to take these temperatures.

Nylon grill brushes should not be used on hot grills, as the material can melt away. You should consider how you will most likely be cleaning your grill, and decide from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a silicone brush melt on the grill?

Silicone is renowned for its ability to handle high temperatures without melting or losing its structural integrity.

You could use a silicone brush to clean your grill, but you should exercise caution that your grill is not too hot. Silicone unfortunately may not be strong enough to put up the resistance needed to chip away at dirt.

How do you clean a nylon grill brush?

Nylon grill brushes can be cleaned very easily by simply running them under hot water.

Minimal scrubbing should be needed, which makes them perfect for those who want a simple grill cleaning solution.